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Introduction Foundation Advanced Mastery Dealer Video

Full Script Walkthrough Rent for $50

Introduction Rent for $50

Credit Application Rent for $50

Buy Down Point Rent for $50

Worksheet Rent for $50

Options Page Rent for $50

Bank Options Page Rent for $50

Product Presentation - Car Protection Kit Rent for $50

Product Presentation - Family Protection Rent for $50

Top 4 Questions to Ask Rent for $70

Categories that Make Sense Rent for $70

Options Page Presentation Rent for $70

How to Structure New Car Deals Rent for $70

How to Structure Used Car Deals Rent for $70

How to Structure Lease Deals Rent for $70

How to Structure Subprime Deals Rent for $70

Objection Handling Rent for $75

Best Way to Handle Any Objection Rent for $75

Cash Conversions Rent for $75

Tied Selling Presentation Rent for $75

How Do I Get Lower Rates with Products Rent for $75

Advanced Bundling Rent for $75

Buy Down Point Explained Rent for $75

Ball Park Lien Rent for $75

Blended Rate Program Rent for $75

Why Some Banks Love this System & Some Don't Rent for $90

Buy Down Point Presentation Rent for $90

Convert Cost of Borrowing into Interest Credits Rent for $90

Let's Talk About FI Averages Rent for $90

Changing the Game Changes the Results Rent for $90

30% Rule for Finance Rent for $90

Who is Paying You for the Deal? Rent for $90

Pen Doesn't Equal Profit Rent for $90

Secrets in Higher Profits with Lower Prices Rent for $90

Don't Discount Your Products, Give them Away for Free Rent for $90

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FINX - Setting Up Default Products Password Protected

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What Students Are Saying

I have been training with Ray Rieger for the past 2 years and I can say that Ray's business office training is fresh and appealing. The focus on presenting products versus selling them is the key. Ray's training has benefited me more than any other business office training I have received prior to this. I would highly recommend this training to any dealership, as the results have proven very successful for us and we've only just started.

- Mike, Finance Manager

Ray helped me by showing me different approaches to talking to clients about the products we were already selling. I found the experience easy to comprehend and the system user-friendly. It has increased my productivity and my personal income, not to mention the profit of the entire dealership.

- Rhonda, Finance Manager

After working with Ray and incorporating his presentation with each and every client, we have not looked back. Our numbers are increasing simply by presenting options to our clients. It is easy and no-pressure; our clients leave happy with us letting them choose which option best suits them.

- Kevin, Finance Manager

Ray changed the way we were doing our process and made everything much easier. Ray's system is very ethical and the results are real and fast. Overall, Ray is very professional, fun, and a huge team player. I have been to many other training courses that show you ways to increase profits, but movement in my number is minimal. I would say that if you are looking to increase profits, choose Ray's program and you will see results within just 30 days!

- Jason, Finance Manager