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Mastery Course Overview

Now you are ready to go to the top of your industry with Ray Rieger’s Mastery Training. You will learn that it's never your deals that are holding you back – it’s process and a positive mindset to think differently about them. This level of Ray Rieger Training is truly the most exciting, you will get an understanding of your inventory and how to adjust your pricing to increase profit. The Mastery Training you gain at this level will get you focused and give you all the tools to advance your career and achieve the highest levels in profitability in the Finance Industry.

What Students Are Saying

Great workshop for tightening and specializing your skill set and knowledge to think outside the box and keep you energized!

- Jason Sather, Finance Manager

Highly recommend this course to any finance manager that would like to increase their profits and product penetration. As a senior business manager with almost 20 years of automotive experience, who has seen most programs and selling techniques, I was blown away with how effective this program is.

- Fraser Young, Finance Manager

This is an amazing opportunity that every Finance Manager should invest in. Rays system truly will take any Manager to the next level. Huge increases in the numbers immediately and they have stayed consistent month over month.

- Lucas Murphy, Finance Manager

Ray's program is smart, easy to use and effective. I highly recommend his training as his techniques are spot on!

- Mei-Ling, Finance Manager