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Foundations Course Overview

Now you are ready to learn some of the strategic workings of the finance office in the auto industry. This portion of the training will cover off the inner workings of how to structure a deal and the importance of delivery and presentation to the customer. You'll also get detailed insights into industry software and review of internal processes. Lastly, you'll learn the step by step formula to Ray Rieger’s secrets to buying down interest rates on a vehicle loan. Learning these important tactics will be the key to running a profitable finance office.

What Students Are Saying

While I am relatively new to world of automobile finance (June 2016); Ray's program has increased our per copy average greatly. His training is very hands on with lots of interaction between him & yourself. Even after training; you are always able to give him a quick shout to look at a deal to see what the best way to structure a deal would be. Ray's program is MUST if you are looking to grow your per copy numbers, and start seeing more money because of that.

- Jon, Finance Manager

I am quite new to the automotive industry and Ray's program really helped my find my feet! After having learned his process it gave me much more confidence. It not only gave me a better understanding of how the job works but also how the industry works. His software makes it so simple to put together a deal for a customer and makes the whole experience as smooth as possible both for myself and customer. I believe that everyone can benefit from his program, both new and experienced!

- Jessica Chattaway, Finance Manager

I have over 9 years experience in the Business Office role in dealerships. Ray's workshop is by far the best training that I have been provided. It involves the customer through the whole process and is very easy to explain. The program provides great benefits to the dealership and the customer as well as making the financing process a whole lot easier!

- Karen, Finance Manager