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Introductory Course Creating Profitable Finance Managers


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Introductory Course Overview

This first course is an overview of the finance industry and the highlights of the Mastery Training process with Ray Rieger. Here we review the basics of a finance managers job, industry language and understanding how to evaluate a loan. The goal is to give you a basic overview of a finance manager's role and expectations. Ray will teach you the basics of industry product knowledge, how to process credit applications and all the ins and outs of your job at a basic level. Ray will then preview the next course level and there you will choose to move forward to the next level of training - Foundations.

What Students Are Saying

I took part in Ray's 5 day training course and the results are awesome. It is easy, makes sense and Ray is a lot of fun to work with. If you want to improve your numbers and increase your income, this course is a must.

- Nancy, Finance Manager

Ray made the training as interactive as possible by creating real life scenarios with me and also roll playing as both the finance manager and customer. I feel that he also went above and beyond by teaching me a few NLP techniques that will not only help my connect with my clients but also help me get the answers I need from them to be a successful business manager. I had no prior experience in the business office before attending Ray's training and after spending a few days with him I truly feel that I have a well laid out plan that will lead me to become a successful business manager.

- Daniel R. Doucet, Finance Manager

We switched to Ray's program early in 2016. The results were amazing! He was so fun to work with, he made sure we all understood the program and process before he left and is always available afterwords for questions or guidance when needed. Going through the new process is so easy for both the customer and myself. The increase of each deal and my paycheck was instant.

- Kristin, Finance Manager