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Advanced Course Creating Profitable Finance Managers

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Advanced Course Overview

20 years of experience effectively packed into live interactive training with the Ray Rieger training program. Unlike other finance training programs, you will be introduced to a new thought process that will help break out dated tactics that have been taught for years. The Advanced course will bring clarity and a step by step process on how to re-frame a deal. Ray will take you through detailed cash conversions, buy down lease rate processes and how to maximize subprime deals. The most important part of this training program is the right mind set, be ready for success.

What Students Are Saying

I have been doing this for over 30 years. Ray's new way of promoting product and presentation is second to none. Not only I like it but, customers I feel really like it as well. Lets face it we are in it for the money. Rays way will make you the money you have dreamt about. I have constantly climbed with profit per deal. This month with cash deals included I am over $3,500 per deal. There is only one thing wrong with the program and that is I never had it in my hands 15 years ago. If you don't use the program you will only hurt yourself.

- Philip Holzer, Finance Manager

Ray is fun and easy to learn from! The training that you receive from him will change your averages and your income drastically!!! Highly recommend! I mean only if your into doubling or tripling your gross average profits and giving yourself a huge pay raise!

- Jason Sather, Finance Manager

Ray's training has given me a new look on structuring deals to meet the customers needs. He took selling out of the business office and introduced a great presentation process for our customers. Since this process has been put in place, our deal averages have increased dramatically! Ray taught us that presentation is key and it shows in our profits!

- Kristin, Finance Manager