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Meet Ray

Meet Ray Auto-Finance Expert

Ray Rieger, an esteemed professional in the finance industry, boasts a remarkable career spanning more than 20 years. As the visionary behind iXIQUTE, Ray has made significant contributions to the field. His pioneering technological advancements, backed by four patents, have garnered unparalleled recognition worldwide. Leveraging his wealth of expertise, Ray has successfully crafted cutting-edge software that surpasses all competition, solidifying his position as an industry leader.

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Introducing iXiqute, the revolutionary selling tool created and founded by Ray Rieger, renowned for its cutting-edge technology and unmatched capabilities. iXiqute stands as the most advanced solution in the market, seamlessly connecting banks, insurance providers, and your dealership to deliver your clients unprecedented access to the lowest rates available. In fact, iXiqute's innovative approach ensures rates even lower than those offered by some of your current lenders. With iXiqute, you can elevate your sales strategy to new heights, providing your clients with unmatched value and empowering your dealership with a competitive edge.

Patented in Canada Patented in USA
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Trainer Live Coaching Webinars

Ray provides coaching to coach dealers' principles, general sales managers, finance managers, salespeople, and newcomers in the automotive industry. Graduates from Ray's program consistently excel and often become highly profitable individuals within the auto industry.

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Master Classes Learn Ray's Patented Techniques

Ray offers a comprehensive collection of over 60 training videos that span across various skill levels, starting from foundational concepts and extending all the way to mastery levels. Irrespective of your current career stage, these videos are designed to equip you with the essential knowledge required to excel and become an unrivaled expert in your field.

Foundations Course Masterclass

How to Buy Down Rates Masterclass

Recapture Dealer Reserve Masterclass

Set Your Own Dealer Reserve Masterclass

Master Terms & Amortizations Masterclass

Desking Lower Rates Masterclass

Podcaster Adventures with Ray

Introducing Ray Rieger's Podcast, an essential resource for auto finance managers aiming to stay ahead with the latest industry trends and valuable insights. With extensive experience in the field, Ray has refined his approach to auto financing sales and is enthusiastic about sharing his expertise. Join him as he engages in profound discussions with industry experts, providing you with in-depth knowledge and invaluable perspectives. Step into the world of auto finance excellence with Ray Rieger's Podcast.

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